Board of Directors Update, August 2017

Dear pastors and congregation chairpersons,

There have been times during my 11-plus years on the board of the Nebraska District LCMS when I have returned home from a board meeting and realized that, for whatever reason, there weren’t a whole lot of decisions that needed to be made during our time together.

This is not one of those times.

At the board’s two-day retreat in late August in Lincoln, consider attention was given to the ongoing issues of renovations at the University Lutheran Chapel in Lincoln and the district office building in Seward. Your district board and staff have been working with the architectural firm of Clark Enerson Partners of Lincoln to assess the facility and ministry needs of both buildings, and then how to best and efficiently address them.

After a lot of study and discussion, the district board members feel like we’re to the point that we need additional feedback from throughout the Nebraska District before we can settle on any designs or embark upon a capital campaign.

That’s where I’m hoping that you will help us.

The district has engaged with The Steier Group, based in Omaha, to conduct a district-wide study to share information about the two projects and, just as importantly, help each congregation assess its own ministry and facility needs. The Steier Group has a long history of successfully working with non-profit organizations, especially those that are faith-based, and also has specifically been a consultant for some individual LCMS churches in Nebraska.

Over the next two months or so, its representatives will be making contact with pastors in hopes of arranging a face-to-face visit. They’ll also be seeking the names of a handful of congregation lay leaders to arrange similar visits. It’s all being done with the goal of ultimately providing the Nebraska District, as a whole, and individual congregations with helpful information.

So, your participation in this information-gathering process is truly important. It won’t take up much of your time, and the benefits realized truly could be meaningful.

If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to contact me. Or you can do the same with President Snow, Rev. Rich Boring or Paul Pettit at the district office in Seward.

I’m excited about what we – working together as a district – will be able to accomplish in regard to the UNL Chapel and the district office so that they are positioned well for decades to come in terms of service to the district and ministry opportunities.

In His Name,
Kent Warneke, Norfolk
Board chairman, Nebraska District LCMS

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