Official Notice: 2022 Convention Call for Nominations

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As announced on February 16, 2021, the LCMS National Convention has been delayed for one year to 2023. In response to Synod’s delay, our Nebraska District Board of Directors approved a delay of the District Convention from 2021 to June 24-25, 2022.

All current nominations submitted for 2021 will stand. Individuals on the ballot will be contacted to confirm willingness and eligibility to remain on the ballot. Nominations for both processes will reopen for new submissions. The first nominations process for the positions listed below has now opened, and all members of the District are encouraged to submit recommendations for nomination. Congregations will receive a mailing regarding the second process (District President/Vice Presidents/Board of Directors) later this year.

The Nominations Committee for the 2022 Nebraska District Convention is seeking nominations of candidates for the following offices, boards, and committees: Secretary of the District, Constitution Committee, Nominations Committee, Board of Regents (Seward), and Synod Committee for Convention Nominations. The Committee invites nominations from the circuit visitors, ordained ministers, commissioned ministers, lay members, circuit forums, and congregations of the District.

By means of this announcement, the invitation to submit names is herewith extended to all in the Nebraska District LCMS who are interested.  Please use the online form, “Recommendation for Nomination,” which you can find at The Committee requests that names be forwarded to the District Office between July 5 and October 18, 2021.  Experience has shown that the Committee needs a major time segment to do its work properly.

The current Nominations Committee is:  Rev. Jeff Bloom, Rev. Scott Bruick, Rev. Rob Kuefner, Sandra Armstrong, Kim Cornett, Glenn Van Velson, and Kent Warneke.  The District Secretary also serves on this committee as an advisory member.

All nominations should be submitted through the online form found at

Information on Positions

DISTRICT SECRETARY: (One ordained minister to be elected.  Rev. B.J. Fouts is currently serving the interim until June 2022 and will be eligible for election.) Records the proceedings of District Convention, serves as member and recording secretary of the District Board of Directors, serves as member and secretary of the Constitution Committee, and corresponds with congregations concerning constitutional revisions. 

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE: (Three ordained ministers, one commissioned minister, and three lay members to be elected. Completing terms are Rev. Jeff Bloom, Rev. Scott Bruick, Rev. Rob Kuefner, Sandra Armstrong [commissioned], Kim Cornett [lay], Glenn Van Velson [lay], and Kent Warneke [lay].  All are eligible for re-election. The District Secretary also serves on this committee as an advisory member.) Prepares a slate of at least two candidates for every position to be filled: Secretary, Nominations Committee, Constitution Committee, Members of Board of Regents, and the District representative and alternate to Synod Committee for Convention Nominations in years determined by the Bylaws of the Synod. *Please note: According to bylaw 3.12.3, the Nominations Committee is considered an ad hoc committee, and the bylaw restriction ( against holding multiple offices does not apply to those who sit on the Nominations Committee.

CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE: (Two ordained ministers, one commissioned minister, and one lay member, preferably an attorney, to be elected.  Completing terms are Rev. Jim Rasmussen, Rev. Robert Mayes, Scott Ernstmeyer [commissioned], and Kurth Brashear [lay].  All are eligible for re-election.  The District Secretary also serves on this committee.) Advises the District, circuit forums, and individual congregations on constitutional matters.  It reviews new and revised constitutions to make sure they are theologically sound, state laws are followed, and in agreement with the Synod Handbook.  It also keeps the Nebraska District Bylaws up-to-date. 

BOARD OF REGENTS (Concordia University, Nebraska): (One ordained minister, one commissioned minister, and two lay members to be elected.  Completing terms are Rev. Eugene Gierke, Krista Barnhouse, Ryan Burger, and Dick Helms. Rev. Eugene Gierke is completing his third term, and he is not eligible for re-election. Krista Barnhouse [commissioned] and Ryan Burger [lay] are completing their second terms, and they are eligible for re-election. Dick Helms [lay] is completing his first term, and he is eligible for re-election.) Serves on the Board of Regents of Concordia University, Nebraska. CORRECTION: Nebraska State law no longer requires that one member elected to the Board of Regents be a Seward County resident. 

SYNOD COMMITTEE FOR CONVENTION NOMINATIONS: (One lay member of a Nebraska District congregation and one alternate lay member to be elected.) A lay member from a Nebraska congregation is to serve on this committee for the next triennial Convention of the Synod (held in 2023).  The committee selects candidates for all elective offices, boards, and commissions for election at the triennial Synod convention, except for the positions of Synod president, first vice president, and vice president positions requiring regional nominations.

Visit this link to submit a recommendation for nomination for one of the above positions

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