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The Nebraska District LCMS would like to help college students, especially incoming freshmen, get connected to Christian fellowship and fun at college. Church offices, parents, or students are asked to visit Lutheran Campus Ministry’s StudentConnect webpage or the LCMS U Campus Link page and submit the convenient online form. An LCMS pastor or campus ministry worker from the school’s campus ministry, including our Nebraska District campus ministries, will contact the student personally to share information about their local Lutheran campus ministry and ways to get involved.

There are four opportunities in the Nebraska District for students to get connected and deepen their faith:

Holy Cross Campus Ministry, a ministry of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, serves the students of the University of Nebraska at Kearney through fellowship, Bible study, and a near-campus place to hang out in a Christian atmosphere. HCCM has a Campus House located at 1814 W. 24th St. just south of West Center at UNK.

The Lutheran Chapel is located close to the city campus of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and shares the love of Christ in many ways, especially through building relationships. Students are invited to attend weekly Sunday worship, Bible huddles, and service projects in the community. The Chapel is also home to a thriving international student outreach, and to GracePoint Institute for Relational Health.

The Omaha area campus ministry initiative, Echo (EXW) is in the midst of an exciting revitalization effort!  Formerly Living H2O Lutheran Campus Ministry, Echo has new leadership and a renewed effort in reestablishing a presence at UNO and the other campuses in Omaha. Echo is wholly dedicated to echoing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the fellowship and discipleship of Christian students.  Much more information will be coming out soon regarding this revitalized ministry effort.  For questions or more information, please contact Rev. Eric Jay at, visit their website, or visit their Facebook page.

Cup of Grace Lutheran Student Ministry is located just south of the Willow Bowl at Wayne State College. Cup of Grace is a Christian Coffee House that provides a place in Wayne to meet, study and share in the Word of God. Contact Rev. Erik Christensen at for more information. Every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. a free meal is provided, and they offer a Bible study on an evening during the week. The Nebraska District and Grace Lutheran Church are committed to the avenue this provides to the Word of God. The hope is to continue to have a strong relationship between students and the congregation, where members of the congregation can participate in the lives of the students—and the students in the life of the congregation.

Learn more about adopting campus ministry on our District Ministries page.


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