District Treasurer’s Update

We are rapidly approaching the completion of another fiscal year for our Nebraska District (January 31st). As I look back over this last year, I thank God for your prayers and generous support of our joint ministry. God’s ministry through the district, and your district staff, is certainly blessed through your encouragement and support.

Our Board Chairman, Mr. Kent Warneke, shared in his letter last month that the board of directors adopted the January 31, 2018 budget for the district at their December meeting. I thought I might share some details from that budget:

• Anticipated income for the year is approximately $3,716,000. Unrestricted congregational remittances total $2,305,000 or 62% of that amount. The remaining $1,411,000 comes primarily from restricted gifts, event registration fees, reimbursements, and investment interest & income.

• Anticipated expenses for the year are approximately $3,745,000. Expenses include our Synodical support equal to 40% of our anticipated unrestricted congregational remittances or $922,000. The remaining $2,823,000 funds our work together in North American Missions, Preparing Church Workers, Direct Services to Congregations, Mission and Ministry Support, and Ecclesiastical Supervision.

Members of the board of directors and district staff continue to make presentations to congregations, leadership teams, and others with more detail on district ministry activities and the budget. If you are interested in receiving a presentation, feel free to contact us to schedule a time.

One other item I would like to highlight for you today are the changes in the Internal Revenue Service Standard Mileage Rates for 2017. Since the rates decreased, it is important that you make the appropriate reductions in your reimbursement rates. The 2017 rates are as follows:

• Business mileage – $.535 per mile (down from $.54)

• Medical & Moving mileage – $.17 per mile (down from $.19)

• Charitable mileage – $.14 per mile (unchanged)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I pray 2017 is a year of blessing for you and your congregation, as well as the people and communities that you serve.

In His Service!

Paul S. Pettit, Treasurer
Nebraska District LCMS

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