District Youth Gathering Guidelines


Family Group Leader’s Responsibilities


Before the Gathering:

  • Set up a time, date and location to meet with all of your youth participants and leaders and work through the Gathering preparations and pre-gathering Bible Study.
  • Look over and discuss which Interest Centers members of your group might have interest in attending.
  • Share the District Youth Gathering “Commissioning Service” attachment with your pastor and encourage him to consider using it as a way of sending and affirming your group’s participation in the Gathering.
  • Review the schedule of events for the Gathering and plan a time and place for your group to meet during the weekend for “Family Group Devotions.” Bible studies and discussion points for these times are available in the Participant Guide
  • Share with your youth what YOUR responsibilities are during the Gathering as a Family Group Adult Leader. They will help you carry them out only if they know what they are.

The “Gathering Behavior Covenant”

  • Take a few minutes to explain to the youth what your expectations of them are during the Gathering. Read through, discuss and affirm the “Gathering Behavior Covenant” with ALL participants and their families.  The “Gathering Behavior Covenant” is designed to be a helpful tool to communicate the expectations we have for ALL gathering participants.  Youth participants and their parents are asked to sign this document and return it to their Family Group Leader prior to departing for the Gathering.  Family Group Leaders are encouraged to bring these documents with them to the Gathering and to hold ALL participants to these standard.  An example of this covenant is attached to your confirmation email and an electronic version can be downloaded from the Gathering website at http://www.ndlcms.org/dyg/.


At the Gathering

  • Register your group. In an attempt to move everyone through the registration process quickly, we ask that ONLY ONE adult leader pick up your group’s registration materials.  Gathering registration materials will be available at the Conference Center Front Desk located outside the Windsor Ballroom.  Hotel check-in for your group will take place at the front desk of the hotel you have made reservations with.
  • As a courtesy to presenters and other participants, please limit cell phone use during presentations.
  • Please make every effort to attend one of the Family Group Leader Meetings to be held at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30 p.m. in the Wingtip Room located on the Embassy Suites side of the Conference Center. We will provide last-minute Gathering updates and pertinent information, as well as encouragement and support to you as a Family Group Adult Leader.
  • Family Group Devotion times are scheduled on both Friday and Saturday evenings, as well as on Sunday morning. This is a great time to talk about and react to the day, and to work through a devotion as a family group.
  • Enforcing curfew time with your group is YOUR responsibility. The curfew time each evening is Midnight. Everyone is expected to be IN their rooms at Midnight.
  • Please plan to be fully involved in the Gathering program! This is a great opportunity not just for youth, but for adults to grow in their walk with Christ as well!
  • Remember, all hotel cost are the responsibility of your group.
  • REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GROUP AT ALL TIMES! Make every effort to know where your youth are during the entire Gathering.  Devise a check-in or a reporting system that meets the needs of your group.  If any youth in your group is found to be in violation of the Gathering Guidelines and Behavior Covenant, you will be asked to deal with that youth.
  • Dealing with the behavioral problems in your group is YOUR responsibility. Counseling staff will be available throughout the weekend to ASSIST you, but as Family Group Leader you bear the primary responsibility for your group’s supervision and behavior.
  • Youth are not allowed at any time to possess alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, weapons, or anything else that is illegal. We would respectfully ask that as a Family Group Leader you refrain from consuming alcohol during the gathering, even if you are of legal age.
  • If you need to contact a member of the Counseling Staff you may do so by calling the “Gathering Hotline” at (402) 601-8402 or visit the Care & Prayer Room in Manhattan I.
  • A nurse will be available throughout the weekend. He/she may be found at the First Aid Station located in Manhattan II Room or by calling the “Gathering Hotline” (402) 601-8402.
  • Share the next section, “What Youth Should Know” with your group. The more they know, the easier your job will be.




What Youth Should Know

Please take some time to review this information with your youth participants.  It is important that they understand what is expected of them during the Gathering.


  • Each participant should bring a Bible.
  • The “Gathering Behavior Covenant” is designed to be a helpful tool to communicate the expectations we have for ALL Gathering participants. The covenant’s purpose is to help provide a safe environment for all participants and reinforce our desire for everyone to have an uplifting experience during the Gathering.  Please take time to review the contents of this document and make every effort to follow the guidelines and expectations it communicates.
  • The “Gathering Hotline” number is (402) 601-8402. Please give this number to your parents and/or guardians for emergency contact.  Emergency messages will be relayed to you as soon as possible.
  • Counseling staff will be available during the Gathering in Manhattan I. If you need to reach someone from the counseling staff and they cannot be located, please call the “Gathering Hotline” number, (402) 601-8402.  The hotline number will be staffed 24 hours a day.
  • Many volunteers will be helping at the gathering and can help direct you. These volunteers will be wearing orange t-shirts.
  • Everyone is expected to observe and obey curfew on Friday and Saturday evenings. The curfew time each evening is Midnight. Everyone is expected to be IN their rooms at Midnight.
  • Interest Centers will be filled on a first come, first seated basis. Please note that game areas will be unavailable during interest center times.
  • As a courtesy to presenters and other participants, please limit use of your cell phone during presentations.
  • Due to space limitations, ALL participants MUST follow assignments for servant events.
  • Room numbers will NOT be available from the hotel or counseling staff.
  • Report all emergencies to your adult leader.
  • First Aid is available at the First Aid Station.


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