Every One His Witness

e1hw-logoEvery One His Witness is a Lutheran evangelism program that teaches you to witness to your friends, co-workers, and any other non-churched people you may know. You’ll also learn tools to help you listen and connect better with those in your congregation. Using the LASSIE approach to witnessing (listen, ask, seek, share, invite, and encourage), you will learn how to naturally share the Good News of Jesus Christ through relational, contextual witnessing in your everyday life.

In order to assist congregations that want to learn and put into action the concepts and tools shared in Every One His Witness, the Nebraska District will have grant funds available to congregations to pay for 1/2 the cost of a kit (up to $65). Congregations that wish to share a kit, such as dual parishes, neighboring congregations, etc., may request up to $65 in grant funds to offset the costs of additional workbooks. Only one grant award per congregation.

Learn more about Every One His Witness on the LCMS website.

Kits and additional materials can be ordered from the CPH website.

Congregations that purchase a kit may apply for a grant from the Nebraska District. Click here for the grant application. (You do not need to sign in to a Google Drive account to view, print, or download the document.)

CPH has provided a media kit to help congregations inform members and publicize training opportunities. Click here to access the media kit.

Contact the District missions and outreach department at missions@ndlcms.org with questions or for more information.

Context Modules Available

Free, online training modules are available to anyone who has completed the core training. Each participant should receive a code during training, either in their workbook cover or from the workshop leader. Visit www.everyonehiswitness.org to register and begin using the context modules. If there is no code or if there are questions, contact missions@ndlcms.org for assistance.  The context modules pick up where the core module left off. They are designed to help you use the LASSIE approach to witnessing in specific witnessing contexts. These modules are created with the help of people who have real world experience witnessing to people in these various contexts. Their knowledge, insights, and experiences will be of great value to you as you seek to speak of Jesus with people in your everyday life.

Context modules now available include:

  • Witnessing to Dechurched Adult ChildrenWatch introduction video and learn more here
    Our children and grandchildren are precious to us. We often have difficulty navigating complex family relationships in order to share the Good News of Jesus with our loved ones. This module is for those with children or grandchildren, who were raised in the church but for whatever reason have left the church. You’ll learn about the importance of relationships and the special challenges families face like guilt, fear, and forgiveness.
  • Witnessing to Muslims
    There is often fear and distrust between Christians and Muslims these days, but your Muslim neighbor is a human being who needs Jesus. In this module you’ll learn more about Muslims and hear practical advice for sharing the Word of God with Muslims using the LASSIE approach to witnessing. Click here to view an introductory video
  • Witnessing to Jewish People
    Jewish people need Jesus. For many it is not an issue of rejecting Jesus; they’ve never even considered Jesus as the Messiah. Learn to share the truth of God’s Word with Jewish people using the LASSIE approach to witnessing. Click here to view an introductory video
  • Witnessing to Mormons
    Mormons often look like and talk like Christians, but they are not Christians. Learn how to share the truth of God’s Word with Mormons using the LASSIE approach to witnessing. Click here to view an introductory video
  • Responding to Scientism
    Many today are influence by a worldview called scientism, which elevates science as the ultimate authority and source of truth. As Christians we know that God is the ultimate authority and source of truth and that science is a good gift from God. This context module addresses the intersection of faith and science and provides helpful resources for engaging in conversations with our family, friends, and neighbors. Click here to view an introductory video
  • Coming Soon: Witnessing to Veterans

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