The Nebraska District is blessed to resource our church’s strong tradition of Lutheran education and youth ministry.

The Education Department offers resources and services for educational ministry to the congregations, daycares, preschools, elementary schools, and high schools of the Nebraska District. The District Office staff works with appointed committees to meet the resource needs of congregations and schools and to encourage the various education ministry efforts throughout the District.

When a congregation or school considers calling a Commissioned Minister such as a rostered teacher or DCE, the leaders are asked to contact the education office for information and consultation. The goal is for the District Office to work closely with the calling congregation or school to discover the candidate the Lord has chosen for His ministry in that place.

Commissioned Ministers who want to consider a change of position begin that process by contacting the District Office for assistance with forms and procedures. Those with questions about their roster status can get help from the District Office. Commissioned Ministers are welcome to talk with Bob Ziegler to discuss reasons for considering a change and to explore ministry alternatives.

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