Estate Planning With Purpose

copy-of-copy-of-estate-planning-with-purposeIn most communities, firework displays have been cancelled due to COVID.  That might leave you scratching your head, wondering what you are going to do this year to celebrate the 4th of July.  It could be that you have always staked out the same spot each year.  Maybe friends and family have joined you there.  What will you do now that life has changed?  Does this mean that Independence Day has lost its purpose?

Loss of purpose is scary.  We often live a big part of our lives without any “purpose” associated with what will happen to the financial gifts found in our estates after the Lord has called us home.  That can be scary too!  Sometimes, we don’t know how to begin addressing that purpose and organizing ourselves so that we can put together a purposeful plan, using legal documents prepared by our attorneys to direct gifts to Godly design.  You are not alone.  Nearly half of all Americans have yet to complete this work.

“Fred” and “Mary” had procrastinated throughout their marriage, never wanting to spend the time and navigate the legal complexities of getting everything in order.  Finally, they partnered with an LCMS Foundation Gift Planning Counselor to begin organizing their plans, understanding the entire scope of gifts the Lord had given them to manage.  Through a few weeks of planning and lots of prayer, they completed their plan.  At the end they shared, “It feels so good to have this in place!”  Godly purpose feels good, for it resonates with God’s design for our creation.

You may not be able to reinject purpose into the 4th of July this year without fireworks.  But you can apply purpose to your estate plans.  Your LCMS Gift Planning Counselor can help.  Contact Craig Stirtz at 402-616-0312 or

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