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Work is more than a job for LCMS workers. It’s a life-long vocation. LCMS workers are always giving, which can make it hard for them to focus on their own quality of life. But doing so is essential to their calling, not only so they can Be Well, but so they can Serve Well. Because the healthier LCMS workers are, the better they can serve.

The Nebraska District endeavors to provide church workers with the information they need to make the most of Concordia Plan Services, and their Be Well…Serve Well and Vitality Wellness programs. For more information on those programs, please contact Joyce Bruha at or 402-643-2961, extension 1011.

This video from the Minnesota South District provides an overview of Concordia Plan Services and the new Vitality Wellness platform.

More information on Concordia Plan Services can be found on the CPS website.

Concordia Plan Services also has a YouTube channel with a variety of tutorial videos related to healthcare services, retirement planning, and the other services they provide. You can access that channel by clicking here.

Add Vitality to your Facebook feed to stay aware of their incentives and get reminders about taking better care of yourself so you can Be Well and Serve Well.

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has developed a page with a number of resources on Church Worker Wellness. Visit that page at .

The Pastoral Support Network and EAP

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help members and dependents cope with stress, depression, marital difficulties, and a variety of other work, family, and life issues. All EAP services are free and confidential to covered members of the CHP and can be accessed 24/7 at or 866-726-5267.

The PSN, or Pastoral Support Network, is an EAP specifically designed for ordained pastors and those that live in a pastor’s home. The Pastoral Support Network is free and confidential to all ordained ministers and those that live in an ordained pastor’s home (regardless of enrollment in the Concordia Plans) and can be reached at 888-712-1805.

The EAP page linked above will also take you to more information on Ministerial Care, Minister Resources, Ministry Resources, and the Ministerial Care Quarterly.


Churchworkers in need of refreshment are encouraged to consider retreats and counseling offered by Shepherd’s Canyon Retreats or Grace Place Wellness Ministries.


Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat Ministries

Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat is a specialized counseling ministry for wounded professional church workers and their spouses (singles are welcome too).


Grace Place Wellness Ministries

Grace Place Wellness Ministries believes that if workers are not joyful, vigorous and balanced in their own body, mind and spirit, they cannot effectively and abundantly serve the people placed in their care. Healthy leaders lead healthy congregations and healthy congregations encourage and support healthy leaders. When Pastor and people are together experiencing life in the body of Christ the way the Lord has intended it (see Ephesians 4), God is glorified and congregations fulfill their calling to share the saving love of Jesus. Grace Place ministries also has special offerings and resources for ministry wives.


Doxology: The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel

DOXOLOGY offers an innovative program of advanced study retreats to strengthen pastors for the task of faithfully shepherding the souls entrusted to their care.


Wheat Ridge Ministries Sabbatical Resources

Although Wheat Ridge Ministries has discontinued Ministry Sabbatical Grants, Rev. Timothy Fangmeier, Congregational Consultant and Coach, as well as Wheat Ridge Staff Associate, is available to assist ministry leaders and churches in the formation of sabbatical guidelines, plans and funding issues.


GracePoint Institute for Relational Health

GracePoint’s vision is to promote mental, spiritual, emotional, and ultimately relational health and healing in those who seek to utilize our counseling services. They provide therapists who are among the most trained, in both theology and mental health, the incarnational embodiment of our values, and above all, who provide our clients with a safe context in which to experience the Grace of their everlasting Father.

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