Our Lutheran Ethos and Integrating the Faith

As a school system in the LCMS, it is important for us to share with our staff information about the system they are a part of and should be knowledgeable about.

Below you can download documents that we would like you to share with your staff and ministry partners.

1. The LCMS Convention Parochial Schools #8 document shares with you LCMS Convention links and information about the 4 resolutions that were passed at the convention. Be sure to teach everyone how to navigate the various documents, like the Workbook, Today’s Business publications, and the official minutes.

view or download here

2. The ITF Facility Audit Plus document is to be used to fulfill the requirements of resolution 8-01A. Please use the document as an in-service section or during a faculty meeting. ITF stands for Integrating The Faith. The 3 sections to work through are: Resources to use when lesson planning for ITF, A Faith Walk!, and Christian Faith Practices Scale (CFPS).

view or download here


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