Prairie Fire

prairie-fire-archive-buttonNearly 250 lay members and church workers gathered in Seward for Prairie Fire: Building Bridges in August 2017.

President Richard Snow opened the day talking about “Why is Community Important?,” setting the stage for the learning that followed. His keynote presentation is available here, and everyone is invited to take the time to watch it and hear why he says “Community is everything.”

Rev. Greg Finke closed the day answering the question “What is My Part in My Community?” before participants returned home. Through God’s Word and real-life examples, Rev. Finke encouraged everyone to be witnesses of God’s love through friendships and every day relationships. His keynote is also available and would make a great presentation at a Bible study or small group gathering.

The Nebraska District thanks all those who attended and made the day so wonderful. We are also pleased to be able to offer these two presentations to those who were unable to be there. Contact Nichole Hetz for more information.




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