Synod Convention

2019 National LCMS Convention ⋅ July 20-25, 2019 ⋅ Tampa, Florida


Information on the convention itself is available online at More information will be added below as it is available. If you have questions on other convention details, feel free to contact Nichole Hetz, convention coordinator, by phone at 952-913-2973 during office hours of 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. or by email anytime at

It’s Time to Meet 2019 Convention Deadlines

With the arrival of the new year, three important LCMS convention deadlines are rapidly approaching for your congregation:

Feb. 20, 2019  President and First Vice-President nominating ballots must be received by this date by the Synod’s auditor, Brown Smith Wallace. Official ballots must be used, signed by two congregation officers. Blue return envelopes were provided in your congregation’s nominations packet.

Feb. 20, 2019  Regional Vice-President, nominating ballots must be received by this date by the Office of the Secretary of the Synod. Official ballots must be used, signed by two congregation officers. Yellow return envelopes were provided in your congregation’s nominations packet. [Note: If a nominating ballot has been spoiled or lost, a duplicate ballot must be obtained from the Office of the Secretary in sufficient time to meet the Feb. 20 deadline.]

March 2, 2019  Overtures (proposed convention actions) are due to be received by the Office of the President signed by at least one officer of the congregation. Overtures received after the March 2 deadline are included in convention business only if judged to be a matter of overriding importance and urgency and not covered by overtures already submitted. [NOTE: An early deadline of Feb. 6 is recommended for inclusion in the 2019 Convention Workbook, due to printing timetable requirements.]

March 24, 2019  Registrations for each congregation’s (or multi-congregation parish’s) presidential election voters (pastor and lay) must have been registered with the LCMS Office of the Secretary. If previously registered voters need to be changed, this may be done until June 15, 2019, by filling out the Voter Update Form or the Substitute Voter Form located on the LCMS website;

John W. Sias, LCMS Secretary

Read other 2019 convention postcard mailings at

Information on Selecting Electors from Your Congregation


Information for Voting Delegates from each circuit

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