copy-of-untitledIt’s Time To Thank Our Donors!


The District’s Building Together. In Christ. For Mission capital campaign has received more than $2 million in gifts and pledges. This support has come from individuals, congregations and organizations. The campaign also has received support from the Rupert Dunklau Foundation.

A grateful District says thank you.

This list reflects gifts and pledges received as of April 10, 2019.

Individual Donors


Don and Laurie Adamson

Jon and Jen Aerni

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ahlers

Steve and Tamara Althouse

Angela and Jonathan Andreasen

Anonymous (63)

John and Jan Armknecht

Joel and Glenda Austin

Dale and Karen Bamesberger

Todd and Colleen Barger

Kerry and Cherese Barnes

Edythe Bartak

William Bartels

Elroy and Alice Bartels

Roy and Judith Bartels

Don and Barb Batie

Matt and Sandy Bauer and Family

Wes and Vickie Beck

Steve, Darla, Alyssa, Tanner Belitz

Lennis and Patricia Benson

Marvin and Shirley Bergman

James and Norma Jean Bertram

Nancy Bettin

Luke and Anne Biggs

Brad and Carol Bills

Marlene and Kenneth Block

Robert and Sharon Bloechle

Matt and Angela Blomstedt

Gladys Boeckner

Irene Boelts

Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Boettcher

Carol E. Bogle

Todd and Tammy Bohlender

Bill and Connie Bolte

Rich and Diana Boring

The Botsches

Ken and Debbie Brinkman

Joyce and Dean Bruha

Sandra Buckendahl

Dr. Paul and Rachael Burger

Paul and Karen Carlson

Curt and Lisa Carstens

Bryan and Joan Clark

Colleen Classen

The Clevenger Family Charitable Fund

Rose Colfack

Alyce R. Combs

Jim and Cheryl Conner

Cornerstone Bank

Jonathan and Kathleen Crosmer

Jeanne Crumly

Gilbert and Bonnie Daenzer

Rick and Bonnie Dahnke

Clyde and Mari Davis

Darlene Davis

Robert and Shelly Deardoff

Gordon and Jewell Deichmann

Dennis and Ruth Demmel

Steve Dennis

Quinn and Rick Devall

Matthew and Elizabeth Dibbern

Brent and Tashia Dieckhoff

Dinkel Implement, Inc.

Stanley Dinkelman Memorial Account

In Memory of Stan Dinkelman

Wayne and Lorry Dinkelman

Craig and Steph Drueke

Alan and Kathy Echtenkamp

Chris and Gail Effken

BJ Eisenmann

Margene Emme

Charles and Kay Endorf

David and Colleen Endorf

Glen and Jan Endorf

Melissa Erdmann

Brenda and Scott Erickson

Todd and Carol Faller

David and Deanna Feddern

Helen Fegter

Gregg and Lorre Felker

Eric and Kara Fierstein

Mark and Wendy Fowler

Roy and Darci Fox

Bryan and Ranell Foxhoven

Garron and Shelly Frank

Earl D. Frieden Trust

Brian and Laurie Friedrich

Patti Sahs Fusselman

John and Diana Garske

Karen Gebers

Gretchen and Leonhardt Gebhardt

Jim and Kristi Geyer

Kingsley and Michele Gibbens

Charles and Joyce Gierke

Gene and Linda Gierke

Linda Gilson

Clayton and Amy Glause

John and Mardelle Goeller

Jeremy and Ann Grant

Myron and Jeanette Groppe

Ralph and Norma Grotelueschen

Richard and Bonita Gudgel

Perry and Darlene Haake

Lorris and Ruth Haarberg

In memory of Abigail Behr Hagen

Larry A. Hansen

Rick and Elaine Hansen

Vern and Ruth Harnapp

Pastor Alan and Diane Harre

Gail and Kirk Hawkins

John and Patricia Haynes

Dean and Diane Hedlund

Michael Hedlund

Nancy Heinicke

David and Nancy Held

Erich and Joyce Helge

Marilee Hendrickson

Eldon and Carol Henning

Steve and Julie Herbig

Rev. and Mrs. Ken Hessel

Justin and Nichole Hetz

Deb Hill

Gary and Bonnie Hines

Nile and Virginia Hobbs

Stanley and Elaine Hoeman

Kim Hofer

Ron and Judith Holling

Jeremy Hollman

Kent and Janet Hollman

Willis and Lorna Hollman

Betty Holmstedt

Kelly and Virginia Holthus

Glennis Holtmeier

Gerald and Michelle Homp

Dan and Sharee Horzewski

Rachel Horzewski

John and Jana Hughes

Larry and Denise Hummel

Dale E. Jackson, Jr.

Jennifer L. Jamvold

Ellen and Joel Jank

Michael and Jill Jank

Larry and Coni Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Joyce

Richard L Jungck

Seth and Rachael Kallhoff

Marc and Marci Kappel

Jeremy and Amanda Kaufman

Gene and Wendy Kelly

Quana Kelly

Bill Kernen – LMJ Foundation

Randall and Judith Klein

Bill and Doris Klinginsmith

Ralph J Knobel Rev Living Trust

Paul and Markeeta Knoernschild

David and Kay Knorr

Jean Knudsen

Neal and Pat Koch

Delmer and Nila Koeneke

Julie Koenemann

Marcel and Deborah Kohlmeyer

Martin F. and Peggy S. Koopman

Jamie and Rhonda Kovac

Rev. David and Tami Kuhfal

Daniel Kurtz

Neal and Janis Kurtz

Rev. John and Phyllis Langewisch

Joe and Wendy Law

Julie and John Lazarchic

Christopher and Lisa Lenz

Dave and Diane Lewis

Shirley Liesener

William and Mary Luebbe

Gene and Ila Mackey

Brendel and Myra Maier

Eunice Mann

Tim and Ann Mann

Gerry and Janet Mansfield

Gordon and Carol Maronde

Kim and Paul Marxhausen

Kevin and Krista Masat

The Masciale Family

Bill and Marilyn Mattfeld

Tom and Kaye Mattson

Joshua Maurer

Anthony and Brittany McPhillips

Kevin and Amy McReynolds

Gary and Martha Medbery

Mark and Jan Meehl

Dennis and Diane Meier

Nathan and Michelle Meier

Mike and Patricia Meirhenry

Brett and Candi Menze

Richard and Sue Meranda

Harlan and Cherie Metschke

Dan and Amanda Meyer

Fred and Kay Meyer

Rev. Glenn and Susan Meyer

Harriett Meyer

Jackie Meyer

Mark and Leanna Meyer

Mike and Marci Meyer

Paul Meyer

Randall Meyer

Dolores Mielke

Gerald Miller

James and Judith Miller

Roger and Mary Miller

Shirly Mitchell

Larry and Julie Moenning

Dave and Ida Mohr

James and Edna Moll

Ken Molzer

Charlie and Charlene Moore

Matthew and Kimberly Myers

Tammy Myers

Jack and Sally Neel

Larry and Pat Nelsen

John and Elaine Nelson

Pastor and Joanna Nelson

Rev. John J. and Joanna Nelson

Andrew Neujahr

Loren Neujahr

James and Sally Neville

Joan Nichols

Rev. Craig and Leticia Niemeyer

John and Janice Nikodym

Mary Ann Nissen


In memory of The Rev. Dr. Alvin J. Norden and Mrs. Dorothy Norden

Nick Nykodym

Stan and Elizabeth Obermueller

Chris and Melissa Oerman

David and Rita Offutt

David and Debra Ohlman

Donald and Sandra Ohlman

Bill and Jacqueline Ohlmann

Chris and Bethany Olsen

Mick and Nila Onnen

Pastor and Mrs. Stan Ostgren

Jon and Elizabeth Oswald

Frederick Otten

Parde Household

Owen and Fern Parkinson

Cindy Paulsen

Brian and Sarah Petersen

Christy Peterson

Paul and Pat Pettit

Larry and Arlis Phelps

Steve and Suzanne Philippi

Sharon Pickrell

Orell and Jane Piening

Nikki Pritchett

Jason and Sherri Probasco

Lloyd R. and Ruth L. Probasco

Joann or Howard Quandt

Karren Radcliff

Joshua and Jamie Ramsey

Rev. Jim and Nanette Rasmussen

Ron and Joyce Rathe

Ryan and Karen Rathke

Elaine and Isaac Redfern

Todd, Julie, Hannah, and Sarah Reed

Tom and Marilyn Reese

Bill and Marjorie Reikofski

Michael and Charlene Reiners

Ron and Linda Reiser

Jerry and Diane Remmenga

Darin and Wendy Rich

Steven and Marlene Rishel

In honor of Christine Stohlmann Roberts

Troy and Tammy Roehrs

Susan and Roy Rogers

Andrew and Karen Rohwer

Jerome and Sharon Rossow

Gloria Ruegge

Dale and Bobbie Ruehling

Courtney Salmon

Neil and Muriel Sandfort

Tyler and Jeanette Sapp

Robert and Wini Schaedel

Barbara and Arthur Schauer

Dennis and Vicki Scheer

Todd and Natalie Schmieding

Ed Schoening

Scott and Danna Seevers

Paul and Amy Seger

Lynn and Cindy Sellers

Larry and Carol Shelbourn

Gary and Kristy Smith

Sharon Smith

Curt and Rozanne Snoberger

Richard and Valorie Snow

Russell and Nino Sommerfeld

Steve and Joni Sorsen

Gene and Sandra Staehr

Judy Stauffer

Rev. Bill and Venita Steinbauer

Jim Steinbauer

Craig and Lisa Stirtz

Suzanne Stolcpart

Gabe and Hannah Stoll

Daniel and Sheryl Stork

Boyd Sr. and Elaine Stuhr

Rev. Lloyd and Twila Stuhr

Christopher Sukstorf

Andrew and Whitney Sunderman

Randy and Deborah Sunderman

Daniel and Stacey Swan

Dr. Marvin and Marcia Swan

The Talbott Family

Joe and Charlotte Talkington

Arthur Tanderup

Doug and Denise Tewes

Tim and Renee Tewes

E.J. Thayer

Gene and Susan Thomas

Ken and Kathy Thompson

Eldon and Corinne Thulin

Delmer and Phyllis Toebben

Steve and Suz Trusty

Dan and Carolyn Tuchenhagen

Andrew and Nicolette Uden

Stacy G. and Connie J. Van Blair

Doug and Donnette Van Pelt

Jane M. Varner

Paul and Edna Vasconcellos

Taylor Vogle

Marion and Grace Von Rentzell

Virginia Von Seggern

Kenneth VonBargen

Dennis and Imogene Wacker

John and Tiffany Walker

Bruce and Sarah Wall

Cynthia and Deiren Wang

Yong Wang

Janyce Warneke

Kent and Susan Warneke and Family

Kevin and Diane Warneke

Nathan and Marian Wegener

Mike and Joy Weier

Mary Wichelt

Robert and Carolyn Wiese

Gary and Suzanne Wilson

Galen and Kathy Wiser

Clee and Monique Wolske

Ellwood and Amy Ziegler

Rev. Karl and Mary Ziegler

Robert and Connie Ziegler

Dr. Richard and Eveline Zwick


Congregations and Organizations


Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church – North Platte

Calvary Lutheran Church (Rosemont) – Blue Hill

Calvary Lutheran Church – Lincoln

Centennial Lutheran Church – Superior

Christ Lutheran Church – Juniata

Christ Lutheran Church – Norfolk

Christ Lutheran LWML – O’Neill

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church – Aurora

Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church – Omaha

Emmanuel Lutheran Church – York

Faith Lutheran Church – Hastings

Faith Lutheran Church – Humboldt

Faith Lutheran Church – Lincoln

Faith Lutheran Church – Lincoln

Faith Lutheran LWML – Humboldt

First Lutheran Church – Papillion

First Lutheran Church – Plattsmouth

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church – Milford

Grace Lutheran Church – Fairbury

Hope Lutheran Church – South Sioux City

Immanuel Lutheran Church (Rising City) David City

Immanuel Lutheran Church – Daykin

Immanuel Lutheran Church – Merna

Immanuel Lutheran Church – Schuyler

Immanuel Lutheran Church – Seward

Immanuel LWML – Atkinson

Lord of Life Youth Group – Elkhorn

LWML Agape Circle – Pierce

Mount Olive Lutheran Church – Omaha

Our Redeemer LLL – Staplehurst

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church – Elwood

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church – Springfield

Our Savior Lutheran Church – Valentine

Peace Lutheran Church – Columbus

Peace Lutheran Church – Waco

Redeemer Lutheran Church – David City

St. John Lutheran Church – Brule

St. John Lutheran Church – Madison

St. John Lutheran Church – Omaha

St. John Lutheran Church – Palmer

St. John Lutheran Church – Tecumseh

St. Paul Lutheran Church – Falls City

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – Arlington

St. Peter Lutheran Church – Davenport

St. Peter Lutheran Church – North Bend

St. Peter Lutheran Church – Wymore

Trinity Lutheran Church (Martinsburg) – Ponca

Trinity Lutheran Church – Amherst

Trinity Lutheran Church – Decatur

Trinity Lutheran Church – Hebron

Trinity Lutheran Church – Lincoln

Trinity Lutheran Church – Madison

Trinity Lutheran Church – Schuyler

Trinity Lutheran Church – Walthill

Zion Lutheran Church (Harbine) – Jansen

Zion Lutheran Church – Garland

Zion Lutheran Church – Grant

Zion Lutheran Church – Kearney

Zion Lutheran Church – Pawnee City

Zion Lutheran Church – Pierce

Zion Lutheran Church – Red Cloud

Zion Lutheran Church – Scotia

Zion Lutheran Church – Tobias

Zion Lutheran Ladies Aid – Shelton

Congregations Running Combined Campaigns


Christ – O’Neill

Pacific Hills – Omaha

Peace – Grand Island

St. Paul’s – Central City

Trinity Lutheran – Grand Island

Foundations Supporting the Building Together. In Christ. For Mission. Campaign

Rupert Dunklau Foundation

LMJ Foundation

Vandeburg Family Foundation

Reflects gifts and pledges received as of April 10, 2019. This donor list will be updated twice a month. We apologize for any misspellings or omissions. Please contact Kevin Warneke at (402) 612-9151 or email with questions or corrections.

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