Church Worker Anniversaries


It is both a custom and a privilege for the Nebraska District to recognize the anniversaries of our professional church workers—active and retired Ministers of Religion–Ordained and Ministers of Religion–Commissioned. According to our records, the church workers currently listed below will be celebrating anniversaries in 2021. Congregations are encouraged to have some kind of recognition of these important events as one way to express love, care, and appreciation for the church workers.

Ministers of Religion–Ordained

55 Years
Robert Pierce (StL66)

50 Years
Stephen Bartelt (StL71)
Eugene Gierke (Spg71)
Michael Volk (StL71)

45 Years
Terry Brandenburg (Spg76)
Richard Kothe (Spg76)

40 Years
James Carretto (FtW81)
James Dahlke (FtW81)
A. Norman Friedmeyer (FtW81)
Robert Lindau (FtWCq80)
Mark Zehnder (StL81)

35 Years
Daniel Barbey (StL86)
Richard Bringewatt (StL86)
Douglas Gaunt (FtW86)
Roger Henning (StLCq86)
Darrel Kois (StL86)
Ronald Kuehner (StL86)
David Muench (StL86)
J. Robert Paulson (StL86)
John H. Schmidt (FtW86)
Brion Tolzman (StL86)

30 Years
Timothy Booth (FtW91)
Paul Holtorf (StL91)
Kevin Kohnke (FtW91)
Brent Kuhlman (StL90)
Scott Porath (FtW91)
Randall Russell (FtW91)

25 Years
David Dobbertien (FtW96)
Jose Flores (StLCq96)
Daniel Gifford (StL96)
Nathan Henschen (StL96)
John Kunze (StL96)
Roger Leavitt (FtW96)
Paul Warneke (FtW96)

20 Years
Ronald Benson (FtW-AR01)
Bryan Drebes (StL01)
Paul Dunbar (StL01)
Jeffrey Duncan (StL01)
David List (StL01)
Brent Smith (StL01)
Greg Stuckwisch (StL01)

15 Years
Stuart Burt (FtW06)
Kurtis Busskohl (StL06)
John Deang (FtW06)
David Feddern (StL-AR06)
Michael Meyer (StL-Delto06)
Mark Williamson (StL06)
Daniel Wing (StL06)

10 Years
Mark Anderson (StL11)
Justin Bell (StL11)
C. Brian Bucklew (FtW11)
David Coe (StL06)
Quintin Cundiff (StL11)
Peter Gatkuoth (StL-EIIT11)

5 Years
Adam Archer (StL16)
Erik Christensen (StL16)
Jon Franson (FtW15)
Robert Hopkins (FtW16)
Ryan Janke (FtW16)
Lucas Miller (FtW16)
Timothy Wells (StL16)
Brian Wright (StL-AR16)

Ministers of Religion–Commissioned

(*Anniversaries for commissioned workers mark years of service, and do not include years on candidate or non-candidate status.)

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