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My focus as a pastor has always been connecting people in the heart of Jesus. We help people connect with the Lord through Word and Sacrament, and the Spirit gives and matures faith. We strengthen our connection with one another in the body of Christ as we serve each other with His truth, mercy, love, and encouragement. We connect Christ with those outside our congregation as God’s people take the presence of Jesus out into our community in word and action, serving others with His compassion, love, and mercy. I appreciate our Synod’s focus on “Witness, Mercy, Life Together.” I seek to strengthen and encourage pastors, congregations, and individuals in these connections, and then get out of the way so the body of Christ can do the work “which God prepared in advance that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10)

Our mission is to be who we are—the Body of Christ reaching out to His creation broken in sin. I see three primary mission issues in our District. Like Jesus, we must first be willing to speak the truth in love to each other and to our communities amidst growing opposition to the Word and the Gospel. Second, like Jesus, we need eyes and ears open to see community needs and opportunities where we can serve as we live out the love of Christ. Third, it is crucial that in Christ we strengthen marriage and families to be faithful and focused on the task of faith-shaping. All of this can only happen if we are immersed in the Word and actively using our gifts to serve others; therefore, the focus has to be on the local congregation. I plan to use current conferences, conventions, and gatherings to equip and encourage pastors and congregation leaders. I will also maximize electronic communication and resources. But, as with most ministry, it is all about developing relationships, caring for the hurting, reaching out to the lost, encouraging the broken, and standing on the truth.


—Rev. Rich Snow, Nebraska District President



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