District Staff

District Staff

The Nebraska District office is open for appointments as needed. Some staff may be working from home. Please contact staff by phone or email to be sure they are in the office and available. Thank you.


President’s Office

Contact the President’s Office: 1-888-643-2961, 1014
Email President Snow: richs@ndlcms.org
Email Kim Hofer: kimh@ndlcms.org

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Church Worker Wellness

Contact the office of Church Worker Wellness:
Call the GracePoint Institute for Relational Health office: 402-614-6287
Visit their website
Email Rev. Dr. Justin Hannemann: justinh@ndlcms.org
Email Dr. Hannemann’s assistant, Joyce Bruha: joyceb@ndlcms.org


District Missions & Revitalization

Contact the office of District Missions & Revitalization:
Call the Missions and Revitalization office: 1-888-643-2961, 1014
Email Rev. Rich Boring: richb@ndlcms.org
Email Rev. Boring’s assistant, Kim Hofer: kimh@ndlcms.org


Education & Youth

Contact the Education & Youth Office: 1-888-643-2961, 1010
Email Bob Ziegler: bobz@ndlcms.org
Email Candi Menze: candim@ndlcms.org

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Business & Finance

Contact the Business & Finance Office: 1-888-643-2961, 1007
Email Paul Pettit (treasurer): paulp@ndlcms.org
Call Joyce Bruha: 1-888-643-2961, 1011    Email Joyce Bruha: joyceb@ndlcms.org
Call Brenda Erickson: 1-888-643-2961, 1006    Email Brenda Erickson: brendae@ndlcms.org




Nebraska District Lutheran Church Extension Fund

Contact Nebraska District Lutheran Church Extension Fund: (913) 221-8999
Email Nate Meier: nate.meier@lcef.org


Gift Planning/LCMS Foundation

Contact Nebraska District Gift Planning/LCMS Foundation: 1-888-643-2961, 1002
Email Craig Stirtz: craig.stirtz@lfnd.org
Email Craig Stirtz’s assistant, Joyce Bruha: joyceb@ndlcms.org


Mission Development

Contact Mission Development: Visit the Mission Central website or call 712-882-1029
Email Gary Thies: gary.thies@lcms.org



Contact Communications: 1-888-643-2961, 1009
Email Kim Myers: kimberlym@ndlcms.org


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