Operation Barnabas


Operation Barnabas is the LCMS’ network of care to our nation’s military members, families and veterans. They reach out to all branches of the military with a special emphasis on Reserve members and their families.

Families of active, reserve, and retired military service members, and the churches which serve them, are encouraged to connect with Operation Barnabas. Operation Barnabas provides care to reserve chaplains, their families and congregations, in the only program of its kind in the nation; and provides training and guidance to local congregations to provide care and support to our military members, their families and veterans in our local communities. More than 2 million military members have deployed since Sept. 11, 2001. Of that 2 million, more than 860,000 have been from our Reserve community — many living far from a military base and the support services offered there. More than 6,000 have made the ultimate sacrifice, which means there are more than 6,000 families who have lost a loved one. Operation Barnabas invites you to help them as they serve these people and share the love of Christ.



As of 2015, the Nebraska District has 6,076 active duty families, 6,987 reserve families, and 145,399 veteran families, totaling 158,462 families that need our support. At the 2015 District Convention, the congregations of the Nebraska District resolved to support Operation Barnabas with our “time, talents, and treasures.” We are glad to be a part of serving our military service members and their families.




To learn more about becoming a pastor who serves the armed forces, visit the LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces webpage. Since the Civil War, Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod pastors have served as military chaplains. Today, the LCMS’ Ministry to the Armed Forces supports 173 chaplains. Among these chaplains, 70 are active duty LCMS chaplains and 80 are serving Reserve and National Guard units.


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