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The financial support ministry of the Nebraska District covers many aspects of ministry, but all of these areas work together in fulfilling the ministry before us in the Nebraska District. These areas include The LCMS Foundation/Gift Planning, the Lutheran Church Extension Fund, and the District’s Business and Finance Office.

The LCMS Foundation serves all ministries of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, providing creative alternatives for you to give to the Lord’s work through direct gifts, annuities, wills, life income and trust agreements.

Your LCMS Foundation Gift Planning Counselor is trained to assist you and work with your legal counsel. Your Gift Planning Counselor’s goal is to help you prepare a gift plan that accomplishes your goal–using some of your blessings to do the Lord’s work.

Members of LCMS congregations receive personalized counseling regarding wills, estate planning and charitable planning on a free, no obligation, confidential basis.


Gift planning provides assistance to congregations by:

  • Offering various Estate Planning Seminars.
  • Giving guidance in setting up Congregational Endowment Funds.
  • Helping Endowment Fund Committee publicize their Fund.
  • Providing Custodial & Investment Management Services for Congregational Endowment Funds.

More information on what an endowment fund is can be found here.

An endowment fund...


Gift planning provides assistance to individuals by:

  • Coordinating and clarifying individual goals and needs.
  • Offering encouragement to make a final witness of faith in Jesus Christ through a Christian preamble. (Martin Luther gives us a great example of a Christian Preamble in his Will. You may read an introduction and the full text of Martin Luther’s Will here.)
  • Providing in writing a complete outline that summarizes the goals and desires of the individual, which assists with the attorney appointment.
  • Sharing information on opportunities and options to benefit the family and the Lord’s work.
  • Assisting with technical information on estate planning and various trust agreements when applicable and requested.
  • Explaining clearly property ownership, including tax and probate cost implications.
  • Providing information on living trusts, durable powers of attorney, living wills, and various estate planning vehicles.
  • Reviewing present wills and estate plans upon request.
  • Encouraging use of the life income agreements of the LCMS Foundation.
  • Assisting individuals with their direct gift planning as it affects income tax or estate tax planning.
  • Assisting individuals wishing to make gifts using assets other than cash (i.e., stock, retirement plan assets, farms, business interests).

You can read more about Gift Planning here:


Estate Plans

All estate plans, regardless of estate size, provide an opportunity to complete a gift when the Lord calls you to heaven.

If you have been blessed with a large estate, the Foundation can help you and your advisors understand complex gift planning techniques, such as charitable lead trusts and business succession planning.


Giving Plans

The LCMS Foundation offers a variety of giving plans to fit everyone’s situation. The Gift Planning Counselor is available to sit down and visit with you regarding the various options available through these giving plans.

Read more about the types of giving plans the Gift Planning Counselor can help you with.

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