Pastoral Calls


(current as of 11/12/20)

Current Congregation Calling Congregation/Status Change
Brian Gauthier OIM (missionary-Panama) Concordia University, Seward
Joseph Leech St. John, Hazleton, PA St. John (associate), Battle Creek
Ben Francisco Faith (senior), York 11/29/20, 3:00
Robert Hopkins Centennial, Superior Tabor Ev. Mountain, WI & Emmanuel, (Breed), Suring, WI
Robert Hopkins Centennial, Superior St. John/St. Peter, Caddott, Boyd, WI
Santiago Keinbaum Christ (assistant), Lincoln Trinity (associate), Lincoln
Christopher Hazzard St. Paul, Minden Christ, Lakeland, FL
Status Change
John (Bob) Paulson Emeritus, Rocky Mountain District Emeritus, Nebraska District
Klaus Raab Emeritus, Nebraska District Emeritus, Iowa District West
Philip Bach Emeritus, Missouri District Emeritus, Nebraska District
Ryan Seymour St. John/Zion, Beemer/Bancroft Candidate, Nebraska District
Lloyd Stuhr First, Plattsmouth Candidate, Nebraska District

*Please check with each congregation that information on installations/ordinations has not changed since our office received the information. Thank you.

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