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Below you will find documents and links to assist you in your work. If you would like to submit a document or link for consideration in this archive, please contact President Snow at with the material or link.

Link to 2020 Fall Pastors’ Conference Videos

Fall 2019 Pastors’ Conference Videos and Materials from Dr. John Kleinig: Attention to Pastoral Self Care

The recordings from last week’s district Pastors’ Conference are now available for viewing. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the recording of Monday’s second session, Attention to Spiritual Health, and it was not recoverable. If any of you have any video clips of that session, please consider providing them to our office so we can share them. (Call Kim Myers at 888-643-2961, or email to send the file.)

All of the videos are set to allow you to download them, should you choose to.

Dr. Kleinig’s paper “Attention to Pastoral Self Care” (handed out at the conference) can be downloaded by clicking here. Learn more about Doxology at their website:

Click here to view or download Chief Doctrines in the Lectionary document.  This document is a plan for preaching on the chief doctrines of the Church according to the texts of the One Year lectionary. Using this plan as a guide, a preacher could, in service of his task to preach the “whole counsel of God,” treat on all major doctrinal topics over the course of a year of preaching. It is unknown who originally put it together (we do not know what E.L.A. stands for), but it was translated by Rev. David Juhl for the good of the church.

Download Dr. John Kleinig’s “Attention to Pastoral Self Care”

If you are looking for some resources to help both kids and adults have a better connection in and understanding of our rich liturgical heritage, here are some resources that you might find helpful:
  • Kinnaman, S. A., & Kirchhoff, A. (2006). Worshiping with angels and archangels: an introduction to the Divine Service. Saint Louis: Concordia Pub. House.
  •  LCMS Kids in the Divine Service: General information bulletin inserts. (2017, May 16). Retrieved October 09, 2017, from
  • Just, A. Liturgy [Video series].
  • Mize, G. M., & Porter, R. W. (2017). My little ABC liturgy book. Bangor: Grail Quest Books.
  • Nagel, N. (1993). Whose Liturgy Is It? Logia, II(2), 4-8.
  • Pless, J. T. (2013). Didache. Fort Wayne, IN: Emmanuel Press. pages 50-54
  • Vieker, J. D. (2017, September). Distinctly Lutheran Worship. For the Life of the World, 21(3), 4-6.

Synod’s Preach the Word initiative: Preach the Word (PTW) will help pastors work together to improve their preaching through video modules with accompanying resources and by interacting with seminary professors and fellow preachers.

Pastors can gather with brother pastors to watch and discuss the modules. The power of the Lutheran Reformation was the Word of God. Pastors may commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by honing their vocation of proclaiming the Gospel.

Click on the link above for access to resources including discussion guides and videos, and to see how the program is meant to be carried out.

Contemporary Arrangement of Liturgy

From President Snow: “If your congregation is perhaps interested in a new setting for the Lord’s Supper using keyboard and guitar, here is one written by James Jurchen, former music teacher at Lutheran High Northeast, that we used regularly at St. John, Battle Creek, NE. The recording and liturgist aren’t top notch, but good enough for you to get the idea.”

Active Shooter Response Plans

We encourage congregations interested in security plans to make use of the following online resources provided by the LCMS Security Officer at Synod headquarters:

The Synod recommends that congregations work with their local law enforcement to put a plan into place that works for the congregation and for the local agency.


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